Sunday, March 20, 2016

World Cup T 20 - India vs Pakistan

My belief that the Indian batting is brittle is proved again and again. If Kohli does not come good along with Dhoni, we are sunk in a pressure game. As expected the top three couldn't absorb the pressure and came back and it was left to Kohi to play a typically skilful, gritty and tactful inning to see India through. Yuvraj was allowed by the Pak bowlers to get away by allowing his a few runs early on and he capitalised on it.

How much ever one praises Kohli, it would still be less. He hates to lose and brings 150% to every game, every moment of the game. How can anyone bring such commitment, such intensity? He is unique and is perhaps one of the greatest competitors I have seen in my lifetime. The big occasion comes and he rises to it in true champion fashion each time. Amazing.

Pakistan, or for that matter any other team in the world, will have no chance of winning as long as Kohli is at the wicket. He has become that good.

Afridi is not a good captain I feel. Captaincy does not help his batting either. Maybe he is better without the fetters of this responsibility.

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