Sunday, March 13, 2016

Anjali - A Creative Act, Personal leadership and Some Swachh Bharath

Anjali got into the car after school and said exceitedly, 'Today something nice happened.'
'What?' I asked.
'After class was over all the class children were making a lot of noise. So I said, instead of wasting our time why don't we clean up the class?' she said.
'Ok, so what happened?' I asked curious to know what happened.

'I told Harsh and he told Yasvantt and slowly everyone joined in. We picked up the papers and other stuff lying on the floor. Then we set right the library books on the shelf. We cleaned the windows and doors with rags of cloth that Akka keeps in the class, dusted the blackboard. Then we straightened the chairs and tables. Everyone got involved. Almost.'
'Wow, that's nice,' I said impressed by the work. 'What did your teacher tell you?'
'We went downstairs and told Anita aunty our Principal that we all cleaned up our class. She told Radhika aunty, our vice principal to give us all stars. She said we all did a good job,' she said happily.
There was more.

'Then Yasvantt told Radhika aunty that it was Anjali's idea. Then aunty gave me an extra star.'

Anjali she realised she did not have the extra star on her hand right them.
'It fell off but she really gave me,' she told me.
I told her I believed her anyway.

'Then Yasvantt, Suven and I were packing our bags when Suven said - Anjali didn't do it. I didn't do it, Yasvantt didn't do it....'
I listened waiting.
'Then we all said,' she concluded. 'We all did it. Akka was very happy and she let us play all over the school for a change.'

Hmm. A creative idea. Got support. Good participation. Shared credit. Good ending slogan on unity.

Nice leadership traits Anjali. Good work

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Unknown said...

Anjali love you, keep going. God bless you.