Monday, March 14, 2016

Fly Away Home - Movie Review

Uplifting is the word. 13 year old Amy and her father Thomas (Jeff Daniels) fly ultra light planes to lead a flock of wild geese on a migration route some 500 miles from Canada to North Carolina on a 4 day trip. The geese  have been brought up by Amy (who is herself motherless) and since they have no mother, they believe she is their mother and learn everything from her. Except, how to migrate.

It's such a beautiful tale and the sight of the geese flying around the ultra flights makes your heart soar. The story is loosely based on the story of another Canadian inventor and sculptor Bill Lishman who actually led 16 geese on a migratory route with his ultra light flight. In Bill's case, 13 of those geese flew back on the migratory route all by themselves next year.

It's a movie you cannot miss. It will join my list of all time uplifting movies to watch.


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