Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elysium - Movie Review

It,s 2151 or sometime in the future like that. The rich have made a separate place in the skies called Elysium for themselves with all luxuries and left the poor to die in diseases and pollution and no food. The rich also have medical bays that can cure any disease in a few seconds.

Matt Damon quickly gets sick as he is hit by a blast of radiation and is given five days to live. Add his girl friend's daughter who is also dying of leukemia and we have two people who need to go to Elysium for treatment. But hey, no one is allowed on Elysium, specially these people from earth. As proof, the Elysium guards shoot down two loads of refugees trying to enter Elysium. Can Matt do it for himself, for all the people on earth and for his loved one's daughter?

Watch it to find out.

(The answer - he does. And you can thank me for it. Watch something else.)  

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