Friday, March 11, 2016

The Mirror - Workshop for Senior Leadership Concludes

Today, participants from Gap Miners, Stratapps Solutions and Options joined us. Last minute dropouts due to short time frame were expected. I was however keen to get this workshop going and start the first senior leadership program. This was the first.

As another first I invited Shobha, who knows far more about energy work than I do and is a regular practitioner as a Radical Forgiveness Coach and a hypnotherapist. Her job was to talk about the mirroring session in some depth and help participants identify their issues while looking into the mirror.

Another first was that I made it a half-day program to make it more convenient for the busy senior leadership.

The first part about 'The Mirror - How The Team Reflects You' went on well. This is the key part that needs some explaining, with exercises and examples to drive home the fact that seemingly random incident outside you, is somehow triggered by you. The penny drops when you also realise that you can undo the same by being aware and by changing your energy about those issues. The elegance of the idea is just the same as timing the ball in cricket and trying to whack the leather off the ball. Minimum effort and maximum result.

Some feedback:
"The way I look at the team now has changed. Before I look at the team, I will look at myself. Will try to make a habit of catching them do things right. Will give more space and empower the team.' - R, CEO

"Loved 1) the demonstration of the Mirror - point driven home 2) the appreciation exercise 3) gratitude and releasing energy 4) connection to the law of attraction. Will set expectations, give feedback, let go, address when others become insecure ad be the change.' - A, CEO

"The concept of mirroring yourself is amazing and practical. This program actually made me 'feel' the reaction of others when we appreciate them and realised how much it impacts them. I wish leadership programs like this help in bringing simple and new concepts into lives.' - L

"Overall I like your concepts and approach.' - PK

"Can implement appreciation, looking for good in others and improve situations by looking int he mirror.' - V

"Liked the - secure/ insecure aspect, appreciation, law of resonance and energy levels, change yourself to see the change in others, leadership is about ability, power and energy, team growth and the ABC concept." - T

Thanks all for your time and your feedback. Like Blanchard says 'Feedback is the breakfast of champions'. Keep it coming!

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