Monday, March 28, 2016

Prisoners - Movie Review

Twists and turns galore. The perfect movie if you want to stay awake and hope that the movie will have enough going to keep you going second by second. So we have an abduction of two eight year old girls from outside their house in the very beginning and two distraught families not knowing what to do to save their girls. There is only one clue - an RV van.

The RV man turns out to be a man with an IQ of a ten year old and is let off. Now there are no further clues. As days go by one of the fathers decides to take control of the situation and kidnaps the RV man to get the truth out of him. But he does not seem to know anything.

After that the movie goes through so many twists and turns that its impossible to narrate it all here. Edge of the seat stuff. Are the girls alive? Or dead? Has the father gone too far over the line?

If you're looking for some crime, suspense, action and drama thriller here it is. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal with Viola Davis. It was nominated for the best cinematography award at the Oscars. Good one. It's the kind of a movie you'd watch in Sangeet (of the old times) for a late night show and stop at some road side joint for an ice cream.

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