Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mirror - A Program for Senior Leadership (Your Team Reflects You)

I am conducting 'The Mirror - Your Team Reflects You' - a leadership program for senior leaders in organisations tomorrow the 11th of March 2016. It's a half-day program, designed to be continued over a month through coaching sessions (over phone) and a follow up session after 30 days. 

Background (The Idea)
Senior leaders are role models that organizations look up to and imitate.  Senior leadership teams make a significant impact on organizational culture and performance. Consciously and unconsciously, senior leadership shapes the destiny of organizations and people.

A common understanding among your leadership team of the role and responsibility of a senior leader, the effect their actions on the rest of the organization and building a culture that brings out the best in people, can take organizations to the next level.  Senior leadership teams are best equipped to make subtle changes to their own styles and behaviors and reap ten-fold results.

It needs some openness, awareness and a desire to lead the change by taking some feedback that could be unpleasant.

Program Rationale
‘Mirroring the Organisation – Senior Leaders and Change’ is based on the philosophy that your ‘team reflects you’. If your team is doing well, that’s you. But if you have complaints with your team, that’s you too. Every time senior leaders have an opinion on the team they are saying something about themselves. The art of recognising instant feedback, the way energy works in teams and relationships and knowing how to influence behavioral changes would help senior leaders create a productive and fulfilling environment.

Learning Objectives
1. Understanding how leadership and teams reflect one another
2. Using feedback to bring in positive changes
3. Man management, conflict and energy management – bringing the best out of people
4. Role of the leader – growth orientation

The workshop is a reflective, experiential program. It combines storytelling, role play, corporate and cricket analogy and exercises. It involves reflection on leadership traits, leadership styles and practice of leadership.

Who Should Attend
Senior Executives who influence change in the organization. Individuals who wish to build a strong organizational culture and improve efficiencies.

Program Structure
The program consists of 4 sessions
Session 1- The Leadership Mirror
Session 2 – Understanding feedback
Session 3 – Energy management, conflict and people management
Session 4 – Roles and responsibilities of a leader, rewards and growth

Key Takeaways
Participants will be facilitated to
·         Integrate leadership attributes to enhance personal leadership qualities
·         Understand leadership process from a growth point
·         Examine personal leadership, high performance and higher responsibility
·         Practice secure leadership, delegation, people management and conflict management
·         Importance of Trust, Belief, Empathy and Energy in people management

Date and Venue
The program will be held from 9.00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. on March 11, 2016 at the Training Hall, Terrace, Pancom Chambers, Raj Bhavan Road,

I find this idea pretty exciting and am sure I will find many interesting challenges that senior leaders come up with in their daily life. Looking forward to it.

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Rajendra said...

Related to personal branding (of the leader) and its effect on the organisation. Interesting.