Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thought for the Day - It's About Justice, And Love

In the end it's about the key words in the preamble of our constitution. What people want is justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Of them all, first comes justice. People in a society almost always want to be dealt with justly. That's all. They do not want riches. They want justice.

In a just society everyone gets the same treatment. Some do not get preference over the others.

In a just society the strong will take care of the weak. The strong will not trample over the weak. The strong will listen to the weak when they raise their voices to complain. The strong will not throttle them. The strong will allow the weak to have their say, to ask, to even shout their frustrations out. The strong will not beat them senseless for asking.

Only the really strong can do that. Because they know that the weak want but little. They only want justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. They only want to be heard. To be given a fair trial. Then they will go back to their empty stomachs - satisfied and pledging allegiance to the king.

That is how the strong are identified. By their care, their love, their kindness, their gentleness. The strong know they are strong. They do not try to prove that they are strong.

They go after tough targets. The real culprits. Not after soft targets.

To mistake those who deal with the weak through hate, disrespect, harassment, harshness, manipulation, would be a grave error. They are not strong.

They are weak. They feel like they are the victims. Always the victims.

They are insecure. Nothing that is strong justifies its inability to stand first to protect the weak, the soft targets, the innocents. One cannot say why someone is insecure - its just one thing they have deep inside them. Their insecurity breeds insecurity in others. They bring in more insecure people, more mediocre people who share their mediocre and victimised thoughts. In their paranoia they all thump their chests, beat up the weak, trample the innocent, throttle the silent. And feel strong.

The language of the insecure is violent. They do not listen. They are insecure about debate. They are irrational. They want to keep things divided. They do not wish to include. They spew hatred openly. They come as a mob and beat up individuals. They trust no one and see conspiracies everywhere. They have no honor - even of a fight. They do not pick on someone their size. They do not challenge openly and fight fairly. The insecure hide in a mob. Under lies. Under decoys.

They feel, like the white governor in Selma that - the blacks are never satisfied, they want more. First they occupy the parks, then the jobs, then...

But there is nothing to be insecure about. One does not lead a society to some predestined goal. Society will find its way. All one has to do is facilitate that. Do not manipulate the way. Do not meddle with it.

If there is one way to find balance, find love. One will find that the approach works wonders. One will find that one can include everyone, one can tolerate all points of view.

One can find love for everyone.

If society is ruled by someone who does not understand love, the society will grow up to be harsh, sullen, violent and difficult. It is time to find the love within, to dissolve the atmosphere of insecurity and distrust. It can go in a moment if one chooses. Let go of the insecurity. Show your vulnerability. Your fear. Include. Unite. Draw everyone closer.

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Sir you are expert of mindset. Youth of current generation need a mentor like you.