Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Story Idea - The Novelist

Hook: A novelist is being hounded by the mafia (need to think of a complicated plot as to why) and he has to beat them at their own game. (Not very original but the treatment has a chance)

Story: Struggling novelist is caught in a fix. He is waiting to write his masterpiece. The mafia is on to him and is harassing him out of his wits to give them the only thing he has - an ancestral property he is struggling to retain. The only thing he is good at is making up stories. So he creates characters who he thinks are exactly like the ones in the real life - and has them think like them. As he creates a complicated game of characters to beat the real one, he actually looks to them for inspiration to get out of the mess. The big climax is that his villain is not a patch on the real villain. He needs his villain to be better to beat the real guy.

Option 2. History teacher is caught in a mafia mess. He somehow needs to handle the crisis but finds no help, no inspiration from anyone. While talking to one of his students he tells him to follow the teachings of the great men - and realises that maybe he could do the same. So begins the fight of the common man, helped by none other than his make believe world of heroes, as he takes on the mafia. Will he win? (This one sounds stale).


Raju said...

The first idea is brilliant. What If he can spin stories and situations to pit one team of gangsters against another team of politicians/media.?

Harimohan said...

Interesting. Get inspiration from one to go against another. Though it has the similarity of a Sidney Sheldon novel was it? where the protagonist plays two champion chess players at the same time by copying their moves. I loved that idea. But that's vague - much possibility with this idea of yours too.