Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1 Day Workshop for Teenagers - Goal Setting and Preparation

Decided to do a one day workshop for teenagers on October 10, 2013. The idea is to provide some amount of goal clarity and also stress on the importance of preparation. My idea is that it should provide some clarity, some insight and hopefully a 20-30% improvement in effort.

Details of the program are as follows:

1-Day Workshop
Goal Setting and Preparation
For Teenagers
What it's about
Much of our success in any endeavour depends on our goal clarity. When the goal is clear, the preparation required becomes evident. When the preparation required is clearly written down, it is matter of acting on it.
Many times we do not act because the goal and the preparation required to achieve it are not clear. The ‘Goal Setting and Preparation’ workshop helps clarify goals, make plans and nudges participants to commit to the task at hand. It reduces confusion, improves focus and action orientation.

Course Content
The workshop comprises of four segments:
1) Goal setting: The importance of goal setting, listing goals, filtering goals, performance goals and achievement goals, sharpening goal clarity, identifying goals to work on.

2) Preparation: Breaking down the goal into smaller goals, understanding the process, taking stock of resources at hand, identifying external resources required, assigning time frames, preparing action plans, identifying areas to work on, marking milestones.

3) Implementation and monitoring:  Identifying specific outcomes, performance monitoring, corrective measures.

 4) Sustaining the process: Follow up activity, support groups, mentors and guides.

Methodology: It is an experiential workshop that uses personal reflection, visualization, discussion and experience sharing.  

Eligibility: Teenagers, 13-17 years of age

Date and Venue: October 10, 2013, Pancom Chambers, Beside KFC, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad

Timing: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Group size: 10 (min) – 15 (max).

The Facilitator's take:
In my experience as a corporate executive, novelist, attitudinal coach, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and first class cricketer I have found that the mental aspect of goal setting and preparation impacts upto 80% of our performances. A basic understanding of the process could improve performances drastically.

You can reach me at harimohanp@gmail.com. You could also visit my website www.harimohan.com 

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Harimohan said...

Some important feedback from the participants:

1) In today's workshop I learned the great importance of having a goal vs having a very very clear and specific goal vs not having a goal at all. I also learned what preparation is required in planning to achieve any goal. I really liked how simple and easily this was told to us and enjoyed the day. - CK

2) It was interesting and interactive and important to know. This workshop has given me a whole new idea of what a goal is and what is the importance of it. It has taught me that it is important to set a clear goal but more importantly, we have to implement it. - JE

3) From this workshop I've learnt to identify what exactly I am interested in. Now finally I know what my goals are and not bothering about what exactly my goals should be. It has been a lively place for learning and understanding about 'Goal setting and preparation'. Thinking about my future goals does not give me goosebumps anymore and finally am not confused about my future. This workshop has really helped me out. - SK

4) From this workshop I've learnt how to differentiate between the types of goals, learned how to plan to achieve a goal and learned about goal clarity. It was a very helpful session. - VR