Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - Good Is Bad

Trying to be good is bad. It stops you from being yourself, which is good.

The more we get caught up in trying to be good, the more fake we are, and the less genuine we are. We build resentment, frustration and anger despite the beatific smile. It's certainly bad for us and all around us. It's also unnecessary baggage. I suppose much burden we carry is because of this need to be good.

All we need to know is what is right and wrong. Do what is right even if we do not look good. And condemn and protest against what is wrong even if it makes us look bad.

Be nothing. Be bad. It's such a freeing thought. Being good is a burden. Throw off the burden. Carry the good in your heart. Not on your back.

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