Friday, October 11, 2013

Human Drama - Teen Boy and Girl

I think this is easily the most interesting part of our existence - human interaction. It is an endless source of drama for us to see the choices that humans make constantly, to comment on them and hope to change their course somewhat. So I decided to write one on human interactions every few days.

I saw this girl and boy yesterday. Cannot be more than 15-16. Girl fully decked up in that new style they dress these days, her pallu all over her face so no one can see her face. Boy, thin, wiry and really young. They did not see me sitting in the car as I was finishing a phone conversation. From the moment they stopped their scooter they were arguing. He started abusing her, pinching her, pushing her and went right upto slapping her - light enough to show he held back from full assault but sharp enough to hurt her ego and prove that he could. So much control had that thin fellow on her that she could not just move an inch and was pleading with him, to accept her despite all the abuse, or so it apeared.

The moment he slapped her I stepped out of the car and enquired what was going on. 'I am just pickupping her' he told me sheepishly, getting on his bike. I asked him why he slapped her he said they were just friends. She agreed from behind her hidden veil and got on the bike too. I asked her why she put up with this and whether she needed any help. She shook her head in support of her slapping, abusive friend and they quickly went away.

She looked more well read than he. He looked like a ruffian, neatly dressed but you know the type. What amazed me was the stuff she was willing to put up with. Also the complete control he had over her. Somehow I cannot help but feel that many girls, educated and otherwise, fall into this trap of wanting to be cool, of wanting a boyfriend, even if it gets to this. Mr. Thin and wiry and his sorts will be all charm to begin with and this is where it ends. If it could happen at 230 in the afternoon in the middle of a road in a city, one wonders what else is happening. But whatever it is, if there are any young boys reading this, you must know that real men don't treat women (unlike the heroes you see in your movies) and girls, never lose your self respect. Even if it means you lose a boy friend.

A few days later...
This time a 30 year old man and a 25 year old woman perhaps. He slapped her, pinched her, punched her. What's with these people. And she was still trying to smile though the abuse and act like it was normal. I once again stepped in and asked them to leave. He looked rather surprised.

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Hmmm said...

Appreciating your stepping in - both times. Keep stepping in - no matter what they call you