Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Special Groups of People

These are special groups of people with special needs. If smart marketers can find their special needs I think they could benefit. These special groups obviously have special mindsets. So far I have uncovered 10.

  • Those who 'like' RIPs on facebook
  • Those who rush up in their vehicle from the side in a traffic jam, and choke up the entire road
  • Those who make love to ATMs when a huge crowd is waiting outside, pressing buttons in wanton ecstasy
  • Those who have cell phones ringing in theatres despite instructions that only imbeciles do such things and holding long and loud business conversations (and lie loudly in theatres that they are someplace else)
  • Those who choose to go the wrong side in luxury cars, or jump over road dividers at risk to their limbs, to so they can save fuel by travelling 100 metres less
  • Those who pitch tents in the middle of the road for private functions and play loud music till 12 in the night and burst crackers at 2 in the morning
  • Those who butt into the line in a super market with only 'one item and pick a fight since they are so victimised by the ones in the queue who have bought so much
  • Those who ask for directions even as they see you are busy on your phone
  • Those who park their vehicles in front of someone else's gate or car and push off
  • Those who cannot resist the urge to beat everyone else - at traffic lights, at airport queues, at every ticket counter
I am sure there must be more.


Madhav said...

Errr... Hari, I beg to differ. All those habits you listed are practiced by the SAME grouop of people.

THe guy who drives like an idiot will also talk loudly on his cell phone in the theater.

Harimohan said...

I know Madhav. But I cannot afford to leave out even one guy who behaves differently - can't have him slip out on a technical issue. They are a special bunch and must be carefully identified, marked and monitored.