Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lunch Box - Movie Review

Watched 'Lunch Box' finally at GVK One. It's a sweet, little movie based totally on the one almost impossible error that the famous dabbawalas might make - deliver the wrong dabba to the right person or is it the other way round. Anyway, the dabba made so lovingly by the bored and lovelorn wife to her rather busy and unappreciative husband finds the perfect target - a lonely widower who eats rather boring stuff made by a hotel everyday.

Between the two perfect strangers starts a relationship of give and take and they communicate through little chittis sent through the lunch box. How that little dalliance makes a big difference in their lives is what the lunch box is about or rather the catch line of the movie - kabhi kabhi galat train bhi sahi jagah pahuncha deti hain or something to that effect. (It is described as an epistolary romantic movie which means 'in the form of letters')

Finely written and executed - because there is little to play with save the dabbas and their reactions at either end. All the characters fit a purpose, serve a motive and there's not one inch more, perhaps less, because you do want to see some more. Like the expression on their faces. But I liked the path the relationship was taking and somehow you do know that it will remain within those limitations and not go into the realms of any great fantasies. Good humour too - subtle, underplayed and just right. Neat debut and great performances. How would I like it if I watched it another time? Hmm. That might be interesting. I would certainly not mind that. Will I forget Lunch Box and its theme? Never. It's actors. Not likely. Their names. Not likely. All the tests passed for a classic.

But frankly, in my three years at Bombay I somehow never paid attention to the dabbawalas and its wonderful to see their process shown so nicely, rain or shine. Wonder what happens if someone does not get the much awaited dabba one day? Can you imagine the anger and frustration? The dabbawalas do take a big risk. Well done Ritesh Batra. Good show Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

At GVK One I paid 40 bucks for parking. Maybe I paid VAT, Service tax and what not. Why? Good question. How much do malls make in parking? Another good question. Why do we go to malls?

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