Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creative Visualization - Shakti Gawain

I read this book three or four times now. I must confess that I am perhaps getting the full import of it only now. But its essential reading really as it can make life as simple as imagining and creating it the way you want it.

Creative visualization is the method of visualizing the future the way you want it by using your thoughts creatively. It is like seeing a movie in advance, and by doing so, creating the reality to follow. Obviously it is a highly empowering tool and can override many debilitating doubts and fears and negative thought patterns that prevent us from creating what we want.

Creative visualization primarily works on the fundamental idea that our thoughts are creative and that the mind responds best to creative thought by means of mental imagery. So by creating the visual images in detail and being in the creative space, you end up creating what you want, or better.

As I understand it, you must get a clear picture of you, as if the future has already come to you. You must find the same feeling you get when you actually get the real thing. If you can thus summon the future to you via a clear visual that you see, smell, hear, feel etc, you have a good chance of making it come true. Repeat that clear visual many times during the day and it will come alive. As simple as that.

Shakti Gawain says that it is important to be in a totally relaxed state of mind before you visualize. Just count down from ten and relax your body head to toe. The four main steps in the creative visualization process are a clear goal, a clear picture, regular focus on the picture and positive energy surrounding that mental picture. It works if you get it right. It works only for your good (not for wishing bad for others).

Shakti also brings up the concept of affirmations, which is a way are a form of creative visualization - only in words. But the thought that to affirm is to make 'firm' is one I liked. A firm decision normally sets the ball rolling.

Of course, apart from merely using it like a toy, Shakti Gawain says that the tool can be made a part of life where we create the world we wish to see. She explains that life need not be difficult - it is never in the - Do (work), have (possessions) and be (happy) sequence. In fact it is the reverse - be (happy in the state of possessions via visualization), have (get the possession) and do (whatever gives you pleasure with it). In fact this is what the 'Secret' also emphasizes.

The three key elements to making the process successful are - desire, belief and acceptance. Shakti Gawain says that the process works best when we are connected to the higher self, are flowing with life and not trying too hard, accepting our own good, are outflowing and in a healing space.

Shakti Gawain provides many different methods to relax including meditations, affirmations etc. Meditations such as meeting your guide, the pink bubble, healing meditations, opening of energy centers, creating a private sanctuary can be powerful tools.

Some fine tools she gives to practice the visualization process are creative visualization notebooks, clearing work, affirmations, goal setting techniques, ideal scene images, treasure maps etc. In goal setting she stresses that creation may require no effort at all, could be short and long term. She cautions us to make attainable things first and then move on to bigger things.

While setting goals one can set goals for personal growth, education, work, career, relationships, expression, money, lifestyle, leisure and travel. She asks us to create the ideal scene we can visualize and filter out the important goals in our lives. She also encourages us to set 1 year and 5 year goals. The short term ones should be simple and realistic  and the longer term ones more expansive.

Shakti Gawain encourages each of us to live in a state of creative consciousness, to be in tune with our higher purpose and to treat life as a work of art. In many ways, if we do consider our life to be an illusion, perhaps it is best we see the illusion we want, create the illusion we want. It is as difficult as imagining it.

Recommended read. It can change your life.

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