Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goal Setting and Preparation - Workshop for Teenagers October 27, 2013

Went off well. I figured there need to be 3 levels to this.

At level 1 of this workshop, there appears some clarity.
At level 2, the goals are refined and work monitored.
At Level 3, we launch a serious assault on the goal.

I think it frees the youngsters a bit from the burden of too many goals, too many expectations and gives some direction and clarity.

Some feedback
1) Got clearer with my goals. Got to know how to elaborate that one goal. Note each step properly and how to do it in a specific time span. - Arzoo

2) Came to know a lot about goal setting an how to plan to achieve the goal I have set. - Anushka

3) Came to realize a lot of things I was not aware about and cleared all my confusion. Now I'm clear and set on what I have to do and how /what I have to do to achieve it. - Tarini

4) I came to know how to keep a goal. I learnt so many things and got some confidence. - Tagore

5) It was a very good experience that taught me how to plan out my future with certain goals to which I look forward. definitely after going back home I would find myself little planned and have a clarity of what I am doing. Thank You!! - Nikitha

Am happy with the outcome. See you all on November 27, 2013.

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