Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anjali - And A Sense of Duty For the Team

A bad cold and consequently a disturbed sleep at night had a sleepy and cranky Anjali crying off from going to school. A genuine reason by any count, and we were glad she took off. But a couple of hours later she woke up and declared - 'I want to go to school.'

Now its two hours gone since school and we told her we'd call her school and find out if she can come so late. She was pretty clear. 'No. Why call? I want to go.' Luckily her teachers also had no problem with her coming late. I asked her on the way to school why she did not take off and recuperate fully from her cold and lack of sleep.

'But if I don't go who will tell my lines?' she shot back.
'What lines?' I asked.
'For the presentation,' she said.

It struck me then. Their class was having a small presentation coming up in a couple of days. It was not a big event - restricted to the school only. But she somehow felt that it was her duty to go and tell her lines - because if she does not - who will? It is a link broken, something that will not be the same, if she does not say it.

That warmed the cockles of my heart, whatever they are, like nothing else. Ah, a sense of duty that goes beyond oneself and thinks of the team. What a lovely team it would be if all players thought in such terms - that I should turn up for my team. This is what team spirit is all about isn't it? How many times do we go to deliver our lines - our responsibility.

I did not understand the import as fully as her teacher and her classmates did - they all clapped for her when she showed up. It was a pretty surprised Anjali that came back in the evening, all embarrassed. 'I did not understand why they were clapping for me,' she smiled sheepishly.

Ah, young lady, it does not matter as long as you do what you felt had to be done.  

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