Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Human Nature - Security chap at the airport etc

Incident of the security personnel
At Chennai I saw something that was most intriguing. As we were entering the airport there was a long queue of some 15 people trying to show their ids to one solitary security personnel. Obviously it was taking a long time. I was wondering what this was - normally there are more than one. Then I spotted another security personnel standing five feet away, sporting a sullen look.

He merely looked on at the steadily increasing crowd, showing taking no indication of help out. Maybe he was of another shift I thought. Even the solitary man did not indicate that we could go to him.

And then another security personnel, junior to these guys, came rushing up. He told us at the back to go to the other guy. We were surprised. Why were he and his colleague quiet about this? We walked up to him and he nonchalantly started to check our stuff.

You see those automatic doors that open up when you walk up? Something like that. And then, quiet again.

The passengers
'If you are not reading that magazine, may I read it?' asked the young man from behind.
The gentlemen whom he had asked said 'No'.
He was not looking at the magazines. He did not even know there were magazines there.

After 15 minutes, he decided to be kind.
'Okay, you can read,' he said and passed it on.

Both gentlemen read. After 10 minutes, the gentleman in the front decided enough was enough. He thrust his half read magazine away and held out his hand.
'Give me my magazine,' he demanded.
'Last two pages,' said the other guy coolly.
This chap was very offended and fretted and fumed. But that was all he could do.


Rajendra said...

I am familiar with the second one...the usual routine in trains/buses is say "Just," and then grab it from unsuspecting neighbour's hands..

Harimohan said...

It was hilarious. The first man's attempt at control over the magazine and subsequent bout of kindness and the second man's complete takeover of the situation once he had the mag in his hand. Of course the expression on the first guy's face was worth watching. I do not think he got the mag back.