Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thought For The Day - What Makes You Happy?

I was wishing Medha on her birthday when this thought came up - what makes one happy? If pursuit of happiness is our goal then we must first find out what makes us happy. Do gifts make us happy, cakes and chocolates, new clothes...what what what? I guess this calls for a pen and a paper so we can quickly make a list of things.

Okay my quick list as they come to mind.

The External List (or the OMG! list)
  • Good Food
  • People who make me happy
  • People who make me laugh
  • Thoughtful Gifts
  • Well fitting Clothes
  • Unexpected Free stuff
  • Genuine Compliments
  • Going Out
  • Travel
  • People taking care of me

The Internal List (For I, Me and Myself)
  • Nature
  • Music
  • Children
  • Feeling free
  • Achievement
  • Solitude
  • Love of Family, Friends
  • Giving, sharing
  • Uplifting deeds of others
  •  Deep sleep
Still looks contrived. I don't know if all I wrote is really true. Needs a relook. I don't think I know what really makes me happy.


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