Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Keys To The Champion's Mindset

The 6 Keys to the Champion's Mindset.

Key 1. The Decision
This is the moment when you tell yourself that you will achieve this, whatever it takes. It is a firm, strong, unalterable thought.

Key 2. The Goal Clarity
You know exactly what you want, how much, how it looks etc. You know you will get it - however long it takes. The goal inspires you to achieve it, no matter when.

Key 3. The Process
You figure out how to get it in the best possible manner. You figure out your strengths, areas to watch out for, help to ask, ways and means to learn how to do it better. You refine this until it all fits in your mind well.

Key 4. The Action
You cannot wait to implement the plan, to see it work as a whole. You can't wait to get up and go to work. You work like crazy as you give shape to your idea. You enjoy the process of seeing it come to shape.

Key 5. The Belief
You will take setbacks in your stride. You will not assign blame, excuse and give up. You will take the hit on the chin, go back to the job and restart again. How many ever times you fail, you will rebuild again from scratch. Even at the last dregs of your physical and mental strength, you will keep at it.

Key 6. The Growth Mindset
Once you do one job well, you carry the same mindset - of doing every job to the best of your abilities - to everything else. You look to make a difference. You seek to grow. In seeking excellence this way, you constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone. Growth is about change. It is about moving out of your comfort zone.

It is that then - a strong intent, a clear goal, the best way to get to it, a disciplined work ethic, an unshakeable belief and the courage to enter untested waters. This is what makes the champion long lasting, better than the others (because he puts in result-oriented effort), tough in the face of adversity, self-aware, clear, confident and resilient.  

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