Friday, May 24, 2013

Epic - Movie Review

Another 3 D movie. These movies are getting on my nerves. I think Anjali actually saw most of it with her glasses off. But certainly this one was much better because it involves tiny people, the Leafmen, and their enemies, living in the colorful forest. So the 3D was pretty with flowers blooming etc.

Based on a William Joyce children's book 'The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs', Epic is about tiny forest people called Leafmen who protect the forest. Queen, Tara, who takes care of the forest, dies. Before dying she hands over the pod of the forest to a teenaged human Mary Catherine who by coincidence happens to be around at that crucial time. Entrusted with the pod which has the life of the forest and protected by Ronin and Nod, (and the snail and slug), she has to somehow get the pod to bloom on  a full moon night. The Leafmen are attacked by their enemies the Boggans and are hopelessly outnumbered. Will they save the pod? The forest? Will Mary Catherine return to human form again? Will she reconcile with her scientist father who is studying the Leafmen for years? Go watch with your kid.

Anjali's take:
I liked the movie. It was an adventure of the forest. The 3D was like they were touching me so I got a little scared. I liked the part when Queen Tara gave the pod to Mary Catherine. And the other part is when the Leafmen (Ronin) holds Tara in his arms when she is dying. At the end I liked the part when MK is talking to Nod on the computer and the slug comes and troubles Nod. Anjali's rating 10/10.

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