Monday, May 6, 2013

Argo - Movie Review

Adapted from CIA operative Tony Mendez's book 'Master of Disguise' Argo is a real life story of a rescue operation of six American diplomats from Iran in 1979. It's set in the time when the Shah of Iran has been given asylum by America during the Iranian revolution. The irate Iranian rebels storm the American embassy and take over 50 diplomats hostage - six escape into the roads and are given shelter by the Canadian ambassador.

To rescue the six diplomats, Tony Mendez comes up with the idea of a Hollywood movie crew out on a location shoot - only the crew are to pose as Canadians. The office is set up, a reputable producer brought in to back the movie, publicity given , parts made up for the six diplomats, papers made and Mendez leaves for Teheran as Associate Producer. How he manages to pull off the location scout in the busiest bazaar of Teheran and then attempts to walk out with the six diplomats right under the noses of the Revolutionary Guard is what Argo all about.

Argo by the way is the name of the movie script - a science fiction movie. Ben Affleck is taciturn and impassive but it is Alan Arkin as the producer Lester who spices up the movie. Taut and packed with action, it takes you into history (shots of the real images are shown along with the ones shot for the movie).Definitely on the watch list because its highly entertaining. Argo received seven nominations at the Oscars apparently and won three - Best Picture, Best Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay. George Clooney co-produced this with Ben Affleck and Grant Heslov. Ben Affleck also directed the movie - and did it well. I like the kind of movies Clooney produces - they are entertaining and meaningful, have a political statement or agenda, and are certainly thought provoking. Well done fellows.

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