Monday, May 6, 2013

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Movie Review

A romantic comedy drama ? I don't know what to make of it but I did not really care for this movie too much. I am not sure if it is a comedy either.There are several people in love - in different kinds of love.

A married woman tells her husband she has had an affair with her colleague and he jumps off the moving car. While he is moping about his wife's affair loudly in a bar, a young Casanova helps him and tells him how to seduce women.

The middle aged man starts seducing women with his new found confidence with the Casanova's guidance. Unknown to him his young baby sitter has a crush on him. At the same time his thirteen year old has a crush on the baby sitter. If things were not complicated enough one of the women that the middle aged man seduces is the English teacher of his son.

It finally turns out the the Casanova has also fallen in true love - but with someone that his pupil - the middle aged Casanova does not fully approve of. Oh, and meanwhile, the young thirteen year old son, is teaching his father how not to give up when he loves someone. The 13 year old turns out to be the star of the show finally. Anyway it ends with a school ceremony and speeches and stuff like that which did not appeal to me too much. It did appear to me like any of the Telugu movies we see these days.

Not my cup of tea. I was totally misled by the title. And yes, its the 40 year old virgin again, Steve Carell, in the middle aged man's role. Sorry guys, didn't work for me.

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