Friday, May 31, 2013

Osho Teerth Park, Pune

On one of those lazy afternoons in Pune, Shobhs, Anjali and I went to the Osho Teerth park which has been languishing on the list for sometime. The park is open from 6-9 a.m. in the mornings and 3-6 p.m. in the evenings. It was constructed in 1994 by the Shunyo Foundation which I guess is a part of the famous Osho International Commune. The Osho Teerth park is famously called the nala park (drain water stream) park having been conjured out of a dirty nala by the inmates of the Osho commune.

Having thus done our homework we started off sometime before 3 p.m. (but I think the morning times are better) and headed to Koregaon park. For some reason I have never been to this part of Pune and I consciously avoided the Osho commune in all this time despite having read many of Osho's books and finding his philosophy interesting and thought provoking. I remember subscribing to the Osho Tomes and also gifting a subscription to Koni who seems to have benefited from it more than I. Perhaps I was fighting the lure of the ashram itself but anyway, here I was at Koregaon park searching for the Osho Teerth.

The roads are beautiful with tall trees on either side, no traffic and and huge bungalows. We drove through the posh Koregaon park marveling at the luxury of some of the bungalows and the tranquility of the place. Finally found the Osho Teerth park and was told to park the car on the main road which is some 10 minute away by walk. Good idea. Helps keep the place tranquil and also filters people - those who really wish to come can come. Entry is free.

No food and drink, no cameras and videos etc, no loud noises, no plucking stuff etc. I am okay with all the rules actually though I was tempted to take a couple of pics. There is no one actually monitoring you closely and there are enough pictures on the net so perhaps it is left to you to follow the rules. I do think that taking pics does slow down your experience, you are not in the moment and are constantly thinking of the future and how the pic would look and all the appreciation you'd get for the pic and the caption. Also you are constantly seeking locations, angles - so where are you experiencing anything? I'll give you this Shunyo Foundation. Good idea.

The park was built on a nala and has some natural systems, drain spots, plants etc where the water purifies itself. It does smell a bit and has the usual debris - plastic bottles etc flowing down the drain - but it's still the most beautiful nala I have ever seen. The park is dense with green growth, soft paths and is very peaceful. The park is not very big and it occupies both sides of a road but you can walk under the bridge to the other side. Many cranes and other birds were spotted, trees and flowers, loners and lovers and after an hour of walking about and enjoying the park we walked back.

I could not help thinking that Bangalore has so many such parks in every neighbourhood. It would be great if all state and town planners took this idea of parks and water bodies seriously because the common man needs to find some peace and tranquility. Keep the people happy fellows! Water, flowers, shade, greenery - and people are happy. It adds so much to the general health of the population, their well being. Its very little to ask and I hope to see our neighbourhoods filled with these little parks. Institutions and organisations can take inspiration from Osho commune and develop such parks too instead of sponsoring stupid events.

The Osho commune itself stretches over the three lanes and is distinct with its black pyramid like structures and buildings. Would I want to walk into it one day? Perhaps. Would I want to join the courses? Maybe not. It' tranquil and peaceful.

As we headed out I saw the German Bakery which is reopening again I heard after those bomb blasts that shook Pune. Ironic that such violence should be perpetrated so close to such tranquility.

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