Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chota Bheem and the Throne of Bali - Movie Review

I'll keep this short. I'd rather have the target audience speak. I watched the movie with Anjali who is a major Chota Bheem fan - just as so many other kids who showed up. Good show guys - having an Indian animation icon is brilliant. Am happy and proud of Rajiv Chilaka and his team!

Interesting feature. I saw many fathers coming to watch the movie with their children solo. Also kids have no volume control when something interests them they let go at full volume. Adults find that very embarrassing. I found a new problem - where do 5 year olds go when they are with their parents of the other gender?

The movie was a slight improvement (or did I get used to it?) than the last Chota Bheem I saw. This one has an Arjun though and I hope these movies don't completely confuse the kids about Bheem and Arjun and Kris - the Mahabharatha is confusing as it is. Anyway there is a witch and there are heroes and princes and beautiful East Asian people. With Bheem around you can't lose. Areas for improvement - animation certainly is still rather two dimensional and too flat and at times rather amateurish. The stories themselves are rather similar.

In Anjali's words:
Liked it a little. Liked the part when they have the competition of killing all the beasts - who kills more wins. Other part is when Chota Bheem says bye bye and falls off into the volcano. And then again when very good type of King who came and said 'Arjun is not the real prince. You are the real prince.'
Another part I liked was when Bheem went and killed the monster King.

What I did not like is when Bheem and Arjun were fighting.

I liked this more than the earlier movie - a little. Anjali's rating 8/10.

So then there it is.

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