Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Revelation of The Day - We Can Be Happy For No Reason!

I just realised that I could be happy for no reason.

Why did I spend all my life thinking that I need a good reason to be happy?
And a better reason to be more happy?
And that big reason to be happiest?

Errr. It appears that I don't need any reason to be happy. I don't need to weigh, judge and then barter my happiness for the 'right' stuff. I don't need to save it up for when the 'happy' stuff happens. Very businesslike I have been I think. Too smart.

Let me try this new thought.
It may look rather foolish to be happy for no reason. But it might put me in a better frame of mind. Also, I have a suspicion that happiness could breed more happiness. I could be a happy person. (Is that too much responsibility?)

Now I have another doubt. Is there something like too much happiness? Would I get tired of being happy? Should I save it up like a favorite sweet.

Or should I just try being happy for no reason. Let me give it a go. Will report back.


Madhav said...

Don't worry....Be happy!!!

Rajendra said...

Best to be happy with NO REASON or REASONING!