Saturday, October 9, 2010 - Value for Free

I have been associated with my friends Ramaraju and Gautam who started this new venture called Gap Miners Pvt Ltd. The company started about two years ago and looked to use internet technology to ease people's lives by improving efficiency. They started with 3 offerings -, (Movies) and (Buses). It has gone through all the ups and downs of a startup but finally we can see the fruits of the tireless effort that has gone in. I have been associated with the company as content writer, PR consultant and trainer for the past two years and I have learnt much more than I have given. is a site that displays all the best retail deals, discounts, offers that are existing in the towns and cities that operates. For example if any product or service is offered to the retail buyer, the product, service, brand is featured with details of the offer. From pizzas, to restaurants, to clothes, to holidays, to shoes, to fitness centres...the site features several interesting deals.

Rs. 350 off on every flight ticket one way
However one deal that is of instant interest to anyone who travels is the deal that Upto75 has with where on certain airlines, you get a discount of Rs. 350 on each ticket one way. This is a handsome offer and I have used it. So anyone who wishes to book air tickets may go to and check the offer on its homepage. Movies is a movie ticketing site that is rapidly making inroads into the online ticketing space. It is the largest online ticketing company in terms of single screens and has added several multiplexes as well. has presence in all the major cities in India. Now this is a feature that I have used as well and found it very convenient. is a bus ticketing site that has tied up with several bus services operating our of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai etc. It is also fast gaining ground as NMQ has tied up with several bus opeartors and provides many options for the bus traveller. Once again, this is a service I have used once and found to be extremely useful - I booked tickets for my nieces Prarthana and Pooja from Pune and back in Neeta Travels when they could not get any tickets on their own from Pune.

Check the sites out and I am sure you will find something of value at some point of time.

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