Friday, October 15, 2010

Robot - Mind Numbing FX

Watched the much hyped 'Robot' this evening at Insomnia, thanks to Sanjay who got us tickets. The movie moves at a frantic pace right from the word go and one suspects that Shankar really had to edit out much more than he shot. The story grips you as there is one conflict after another, within and without, the visuals stun you with the fx, with Rajnikanth looking as young as a 25 year old and Aishwarya looking absolutely stunning.

Robot is the story of a robotic scientist Vasikara (Rajnikanth) who builds a robot Chitti (Rajanikanth) that has the capabilities of a 100 men. His efforts to use this robot for good use are foiled by his senior Bora (Danny Denzongpa) who has some robots of his own that don't work. To satisfy all the conditions laid down by Bora (essentially says the robot cannot feel or diffrentiate between good or bad) Vasikara somehow manages to make his robot feel. Now the first thing that the Robot feels for is Aishwarya and that starts trouble. Bora gets into the act and tampers with the Robot which causes immense problems to everyone including Bora.

Certainly worth a watch for its unmatched fx. And Shankar does know how to get the best out of Aishwarya ai - he makes her as pretty as she can be and does not bother her with histrionics. A bit noisy, loud at times and lots of things being blown up, crushed, crunched etc, so do prepare for a roller coaster ride. Not a quiet boat ride in a tranquil lake.

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