Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sudhir Kumar a.k.a. Sanjay - A Fine Work Ethic

Meet Sudhir Kumar who plays the role of Sanjay in 'Golconda High School', the movie based on 'The Men Within'. Sudhir's role as Sanjay is that of someone who lends moral support and stability to the team that is originally fractured, lending stability to the bench. As I see the GHS team before me today, I see Sudhir does exactly that - providing a modicum of stability to the team, by quietly going about his work without distracting any of the others. Except Siddhanth of course, with whom he is the greatest of friends. These two are a pair, always together, walking along the grounds in keen discussion, possibly discussing their dreams and aspirations I'd wager. Not for them the mischief of the younger, mischievous lot these two - they are always available when you want them, the complete professionals.

Sudhir a.k.a. Sanjay at the Don Bosco ground

Sudhir has an endearing smile and a presence that grows on you. He was the first boy in the team to ask me for a copy of the book and took it home to read it. It's another thing that he took a really long while at that and I have no clue what he did finally. But suffice to say that he is one of those who does not shy away from approaching seniors, discuss their work, and want to see their work. A first year B. Com. student at St. Mary's, Yousufguda, the 17 year old started his acting career when he was 8 years old. 'My parents support me a lot in the pursuit of my dreams,' he says, grateful to his parents for giving him the freedom and support to pursue what he desires. No wonder then, that Sudhir has already acted in over 30 television serials and acted in a few movies already. Sudhir is pretty excited about having done an advertisement for the Indian Cricket League (ICL) in 2008. 'My career in acting really started with a television serial called 'Sangharshana' on ETV,' he says. 'I did four tele films as well. One experience I cannot forget is that of doing a tele film called Premikudu with Superstar Krishna. The director was Vijaya Nirmala garu and she encouraged me a lot.' And thus were sown the seeds for an acting career in his mind.

Siddhanth and Sanjay (Sai and Sudhir) on a typical day

As is obvious, Sudhir is highly passionate about his acting career. 'My favourite actors in Telugu film industry are Mahesh Babu, Shriya, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Prakash Raj, Vikram and Suriya. Hmm, that is an interesting list. His favorite movies are Pokiri, Athadu, Bommarillu, Om Shanti Om and Money Money. 'I am a good dancer as well,' he adds. 'I participated in many cultural activities in my school days'. Sudhir is obviously well prepared for a long foray in this field. 'I like comedy,' says Sudhir. 'But I think my strength in acting is my expressions and my capabilities to handle dramatic roles.'

Another interesting aside to this young man is that apart from his interest in acting, he also has a deep rooted interest in the technical side - editing and direction. No wonder we see him ambling across to speak to the technicians at every moment that he possibly can. 'I'd like to join an editing course,' he says, 'maybe join the FTII.'

'I am eagerly waiting for the release of Golconda High School,' he says flashing his famous smile. 'I had a great experience with everybody on the set and consider myself fortunate to work with Mohan Sir and Senthil Sir. I made some good friends and learned how to work in a team. And of course our entire experience of working with Art Beat Capital was so comfortable that we enjoyed every moment of the shoot. It has been a long shoot - almost 60 days!'

I remember Sudhir from Day One as one of those boys in the team who had a very strong professional ethic. I have never had to admonish him, never found him slacking off, and always found him keeping work first. He goes about his job enthusiastically and I find amazing - they all have long days and after all, are young souls, but I have never found him tiring, or his smile flagging. He has a keenness to learn, the sense to take the first step when required. Since he does not actually play the games, I have not dealt with Sudhir as a cricketer, which would have given me more insight into his mind, since he was not really required to play any games. I am now keen to watch the boys act; I have not seen them perform really, and I am sure Sudhir did a great job with his role. Good luck Sudhir, with all that you endeavour to start, and may all your dreams and aspirations come true. I do somehow know that I will be seeing you in movies, television and hopefully as an accomplished technician as well.

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