Saturday, October 9, 2010

PTA and Off for Dussehra Vacation

The sandpit at Daksha
Today we had our first PTA so Shobhs and I raced off with Anjali to her school Daksha neatly dressed. We chatted with her class teacher Sunita who is originally from Bhubaneswar where her mother still lives. She has been in the US for many years before coming to Hyderabad. She was quite pleased with Anjali's performance in the class and Anjali was quite pleased with her class and the school so we left pretty soon.

While we were waiting for Anjali to finish playing we put the camera to good use and clicked a few pics of Anjali at Daksha. I hoped to get a few of Anita as well but she was busy with other parents so we left. I promised to do a feature on Daksha on my blog soon so I will take more pictures then.

Anjali striking a pose

The slide...

And off we went home!

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