Friday, October 29, 2010

Anjali and Her Fear of Masks

A new challenge arises. Today is Halloween Day at Anjali's school and everyone will come wearing masks and scary attire. Now just a month ago when Anjali celebrated her birthday, her young cousin, the one nearest in age to her and who will probably turn out to be the one she will be closest to going by the affection with she calls him, Chimu, wore Mickey and Minnie masks and was prancing around. The sight of the masks, of faces going behind cartoon characters caused considerable worry in Anjali's mind and she protested loudly - with tears and yells until all the masks came off. Later on she confessed - 'I don't like masks Mama. They are scary no'.

And so all the masks went away, celebrations returned to regular party levels and we all forgot about the masks. Until we saw the note from school. When told about the masks and Halloween costumes, she pondered for a while and then declared that she would go as the Fairy Queen. Shobhs went a step further and asked her if she would like to dress up as a witch with a mask but there she put her dainty foot down. No!
Queen Fairy. And so Queen Fairy will go to the Halloween Party.

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