Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Articulate Indian

One thing that I have always found interesting  is the amount of garbage we generate in cyber space in the form of our opinions. Obviously opinions and thoughts do matter in a society like ours and everyone must express oneself - only most of us do not seem to know how to without being downright offensive or abusive.And in the process begin a war of sorts. 

For starters, the next time we have an opinion to share, we can spare a thought for this. How much are we actually contributing to the solution? Or are we just rabble rousing? If there is no solution, it is better we go and employ our time and energy better, until we find something of use that can be shared.  

From those who specialise in generating volumes of complete nonsense to people hiding under the garb of intellectualism, we have enough content in our daily lives that we could do well to delete. Of the entire content, ideas that point to a solution probably comprise only10% or less. Listen to political leaders, celebrities, intellectuals, run through the papers, websites and see how much of the content makes sense at all or is useful. From their issues to their demands, their problems and daily lives, its an amazing joke that we seem to be living out. And to complement that - we have a horde of articulate countrymen commenting on the news (some true and some untrue - and almost all of it irrelevant and pointless) feverishly typing away to display their lack of sense, knowledge and propriety.

One one hand we have a modern day replay of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' where we can see all, but we tend to silently agree with the nonsense, for fear of offending the stupid Emperor. And on the other we have a bunch of nutcases playing up these ideas.

And it is not even funny to laugh about it.

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