Saturday, October 16, 2010

Golconda High School - Last Day Of The Shoot

And finally, after months of waiting for the rains to abate, after several frustrating Sundays when we got the school to shoot but the weather was not conducive, we finally arrive at probably the last day of the shooting for the movie 'Golconda High School'. We started shooting in the last week of March this year and shot at a frenetic pace through the scorching summer. Of course we hoped to wrap everything up by the time school reopened on June 13 but some parts got left out. I remember Ram asking me how the rains normally were and I told him - 'It should rain a few days and then we should get enough sunshine to shoot'. This was based on my preivous experience of course. But this monsoon was different.
Sagar and Suresh

From June 8 or so it rained so hard and so consistently almost up till October. Sunday upon Sunday, holiday upon holiday, we proposed shooting and cancelled, waiting for the rains to abate. And when we did shoot there was a crazy cloud cover that would not let us. Two or three variables bothered us of course - the availability of the school for shooting purposes which could only be on holidays, the preservation of the sets on location for so long after being exposed to such ferocious rain, the availability of the artistes and cricketers themselves who would be busy with other engagements, the expensive call regarding the 200-300 extras and most importantly the capricious weather. Dussehra vacation seemed our best bet and the Gods up there were kind enough to give us two good days to shoot cricket and the school authorities were kind enough to accommodate us despite some opposition from the Managing Committee and we are rolling.

In my experience, nothing that happened like a cakewalk is ever fun, or will result in any great satisfaction. It is only when we go through these trials and tribulations, the uncertainty and doubt, that we enjoy the journey. And if you stick through it and still do it the way you want it, still be honest with the process and the story, then the results are bound to be as sweet. I will go down to the shoot and take some random shots today. After all this movie means much to me.

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