Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Dogs - Really Funny Movie

Watched 'Old Dogs' on Star Movies last night. It was hilarious. John Travolta and Robin Williams are old school chums who grow up together and build a sports marketing company. The movie starts at a point when their company is about to get into the next level with a big Japanese client and needs the two to focus and get it right. And that is when Robin Williams gets a message from Vicky.

Vicky is a woman whom Robin Williams meets in Miami while trying to recover from his first divorce - his pal John Travolta's idea of getting over it. Robin Williams has a one day/ night relationship with Vicky which ends in the two getting married in their drunken happiness. Next morning, Robin Williams annuls the marriage once he realises what he has done - getting married one day after getting a divorce. That same Vicky is now back, with two twins from that one night, asking Robin Williams to handle the twins while she goes off for a week long jaunt. The movie goes through some predictable gags and some unpredictable ones - unruly children, a children-averse Casanova Uncle Travolta, mix ups, missed appointments, unscheduled camping trips and what not. The mixed up medications part is hilarious and will soon inspire Bollywood I am sure, just as the Grandad bit is when everyone mistakes the two men to be the childrens grandads. Lots of laughs elevated to a new level by these two brilliant actors.

Do watch it. Guarantees more laughs than you expect and well worth your time.

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