Friday, October 15, 2010

Golconda High School - Last Days Of The Shoot

A couple more days for the shooting of Golconda High School (the film based on 'The Men Within - A Cricketing Tale'). I was at the shoot today when the sun was out in all glory, reminding us of the scorching heat of the summer. Work went on rapidly as the unit made the most of good weather and an uninterrupted shoot.

As with any effort that involves a large team, the end of the schedule will mark the end of a period of fun, hard work, frustration, elation, joy. Everyone would have grown in this period of six months, some more than others. To me it has been a complete eye opener to see how the entire unit works towards getting it right - the attention to detail that the director Mohana Krishna and DOP Senthil pay, the firefighting that the Production guys do constantly to keep the shooting going on, the enthusiasm with which all the artistes and the support staff goes about their job - truly enriching.

It will be great fun to see how the film transpires on screen - I am all excited about it. I have great faith in the abilities of Ram, Mohana Krishna, Senthil and the rest of the team and am practically licking my chops to see the story as a whole. It is a great team by the way.

I guess I will go down to the shoot tomorrow and day after and maybe get a few working shots of all the teams - direction, camera, production etc.

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