Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bharat Simha a.k.a. Kaleem - Wiry, Athletic And Competitive, Golconda High School

Meet 16 year old Bharat Simha who plays the role of Kaleem in Golconda High School. Kaleem's lean frame completely belies his age; he hardly looks like the 1st year CEC student of St. Mary's Secunderabad. His frail and fluid frame makes you think he is much younger than he looks and Bharat has no qualms with that as he takes all the ribbing from the others with a shrug and a smile. He is again one of those who operates in his own world and does not seek to compete needlessly. I discovered during nets that he was one of the better cricketers in the team who can bat, bowl and field extremely well which was rather a pity since his role as Kaleem did not require him to display any of those skills.
Bharat Simha a.k.a. Kaleem at Don Bosco

Bharat has already appeared in three movies 'Munna', 'Jagadam' and 'Kanti'. He has also appeared in the ICL ad which he points out proudly. So it was that a child artiste coordinator that he knew suggested his name and that is how he came to be part of the Golconda High school. But the most surprising aspect of Bharat is that he is the only one among the lot (with the exception of Sriraj (Nissar, who has a dual ambition of making it in cricket and in movies)) who wants to make a career as a cricketer. He has played cricket for his school, St. John's and has been to the Kamlesh Parikh coaching camp. He bowls medium pace and bats well too.

'I will do my B.Com and then pursue my MBA,' he says clearly. 'But I'd like to play cricket for the country.' His conviction is amazing and when I tell him how to approach his goal, he listens with great interest. Apart from playing cricket in his gully with friends, Bharat loves watching tv and says he loves watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, and movies. His favourite films are 3 Idiots and Robot and his favourite stars are Aamir Khan, Deepika Padukone and Rambha. Rambha? I ask and he says he likes her voice unflinchingly. He is pretty clear about what he likes and is unapologetic about it which is very nice.

'I like teen maar music,' he says continuing in the same vein despite the collective shake of heads from his freinds who are used to giving politically correct answers. 'After that, comes Akon, Jutsin Bieber and Shakira.' Get it? That's Bharat for you. Bharat nods and says he has had a good experience on the shoot. He has made several new friends chiefly Sriraj and Suraj (who appear to figure as everyone's good friends) and Vasu and Nikhil as well. 'I enjoyed playing at nets and spending time with my friends here on the shoot,' he says.

I have always been impressed with this lithe and lissome cricketer and the way he plays the game. He is a hard working, sincere kid who knows and speaks his mind. I told him that his path of being a test cricketer is hard and he must work very hard, and he says he is prepared for it. Though he is not outspoken as the rest, he holds his own space when he gets the opportunity. A highly likeable guy, I am really interested to see what he makes of his future - he is the sort who takes big challenges and who can make anything happen. Good luck Bharat and may you play the highest grade of cricket and achieve all that you set your eyes upon.

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