Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts and Action

It is one of those phases when the mind is all cluttered up. I am finding it difficult to structure a non-fiction book that I thought I'd do, based on 'The Champion Within' workshop. I have the material all in my head but to write it down seems to be the issue. Actually even that is not the issue because I have made a 75 page document already which has the entire structure, chapters, sections in place - just that it does not seem right. I have a similar problem with 'The Misfit' as well and Keerti, my editor, echoed my thoughts but I see no other way to do that book.

It is while I was stuck in this phase doing pointless things and going back and forth that I realized that there is no point in all this worrying, planning excessively. Most of this planning and worrying deals with useless and low priority items I figured. I am better off figuring out ways to do, things to push the big things forward; the small things get taken care of anyway.

Another way to escape these pointless thoughts is by action in the direction we want to move. I fool myself many times with a lot of action doing pointless chores; little things that take up much time and make me feel justified in wasting my time. But has it really pushed me forward - have I made the call, did I rework the 50 pages, have I mailed a proposal, have I spoken to a potential client - most times I have not done the high priority items.

The thing with high priority items are that they are the ones that make me feel uncomfortable. One with the newness of the task and second, with the potential it has to displace me from my comfort zone. Hence the postponement, the procrastination. Thoughts, specially the ones involving worry and unnecessary drama, fuel the postponement even more.

If I cannot act in the direction I want to move in, I could at least think of thoughts related to the action. If not, I'd be better off taking a nice long rest and starting afresh. All else is pointless. Sweating the small stuff, so to say.

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