Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank you family and friends

While on the health issue I must now thank all of my family and friends who have given me wonderful support through various other means. Shobha to start with. She used all the techniques she from the 'mind' area and applied them on me. The concept that all ease or disease begins at 'thought' level is completely in sync with me. I started then, with Shobhs in finding out the thought pattern for kidney issues and guess what turns in Louise Hay's 'You can heal your life' - guilt! I guess that is good enough for me because it was a good enough punishment I was going through so I took the guilt affirmations and did them with great seriousness for a while . However I did not sustain that for too long.
Shobhs and I did the 'emotional journey' where she kept asking me questions and I kept answering her patiently until I ran out of stuff. It was very emotionally draining and somethings fell into place. But I kept falling asleep and I knew there was something I was not seeing or looking at. I will repeat that process with Shobhs in Shrivardhan again.
And then she took me to the Back to the Basics program with Krish Srikanth at Kaleidoscope and he ran us through the AA program with our own issues. I did that whole heartedly and I do hope something there changed. Again I could not sustain it for too long because it was a long process (and the card is too small to read).
I found Don's 'Healing Corrections' quite nice and different. He is an interesting chap and his way of dealing with things is also quite fun. I felt the peace when he made me run through the chakras. It looks amazingly simple but I suspect it works and I use if quietly more often than not these days.
Shobhs introduced me to the NLP route as well and god knows what all. She constantly kept supporting my mind with Radical Forgiveness of which I filed many sheets and forms and forgave almost everyone I met in my life and maybe some that I did not. It must have released much baggage. I think i shall shed some more before the year ends. Thanks Shobhs for all the unconditional support in everything. Love you lots!
Sheila did an NLP procedure on me and we all celebrated that night with some home cooked food! Thanks Sheila. Its great fun these days with our book readings etc new ideas and workshops.
Dr. Prabhudheer has always been around with his patient listening and advise and warm smile. The more I see him, the more I like him. He is a wonderful guy, an accomplished orthopaedician and a very competent doctor who is open to all kinds of new ideas and thoughts. He has done all the workshops from You can heal your life to Nithyananda and enjoys himself completely. And with Kanti, it is a team to look forward to, always a laugh riot.
Vijaya has been wonderful and has always been in touch and asks after me and Shashi. She is a wonderful soul and always ready to go out of her way to help. The work she is doing in spreading Swami Nithyananda's work helps many people in healing and learning. Great show Vijaya, you are making a huge difference in your own way. I really appreciate all that you are doing and I promise I shall do my bit of work for you in my own way as well.
My family has been wonderful - Mythily especially, since I have been practically living and eating there everyday ever since I found out about the syndrome. And of course Harsha who has no option but to put up with me and the rest of us. My ups and downs and all that, she put up with all through. Thanks Mythily, Harsha and Shrinjay.
Peddakka, Bavagaru, Ajay, Radhika (her uncle's story gave me lots of hope), Gunnu, Sowjanya, thank you all for everything. And we had some great times this year at BHEL with the food outings etc.
Nalini thanks for being there and telling me that its all nothing to be scared of. It has been very encouraging to have your support (except when you said that we have many donors at home - I was not looking at that scenario at all!) But thanks again for the thought. it really means much.
Chanti, Rambabu and Shashak - thanks fellows. I know Chanti got really worried in the beginning. You guys have been very supportive in every way.
Ram has been a huge pillar of support in the way we relate to one another and saying thanks trivialises what we share. So I will not say it, and only feel what I feel which is a whole lot of gratitude for god to have given me a brother like him. We are different in our own ways and that's exactly how god made us so we are there for one another. Another of those things that we can only feel yet something that is so tangible that I know the world envies us brothers and what we share. Hah!
Sheila, you have been wonderful support (again the book reading group - Monica, Ranjani) and thanks for being there at the workshop too.
Vajju and Chims, love you guys, you always bring a smile to my face and are the most adorable niece and nephew that any mama can get.
Anjali, you gave me so much love and kept my mind of everything else. Love you. Mmmaah!
Don's been great support of course, just as Koni, Madhav, Kiri, Ranjan, Vinod, Amar, Mani - thanks guys. Suhita, Chitra, Prashant, Bhaves, Aunty thank you all.
Reason for all this thanks. Doctor Krishnan saw yesterday's report and said - this looks like a miracle. Too good to be true, he said. Readings down to 1.37. I told him I operate in miracles. He said he would taper off the steroid now in a few weeks. He really was surprised. We had a nice chat after that.
A miracle. I am still letting it sink into me. Yes. A miracle. I operate in miracles from now on. The miracle man. It took an year. I feel good. I am still on medication but I know I am out of it in a few weeks.
Thanks everyone.
Now, On to the next level!

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Vinod Ekbote said...


Great news and I am convinced you will be fully cured soon. With so many people (friends and others) helping you, you cannot but recover. Also, thanks for the mention :)