Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hitting rock bottom - the only way is up

A wrap up sesion with the Under-16 boys before they head out to Cooch Behar for the knockouts, and we had a small ten minute chat. I need to now capture the learnings and document them which I will when we get back in January 2010. Mood is upbeat, the fellows are in good spirits and mental space, I think we have a good case. Their wish list achievement level is incredible - someone setting a 500 target and achieving it or a 20 wicket target and getting 17 is amazing!
I wandered around here and there at the gymkhana ground meeting Yuvraj, Kamlesh, Vidyuth, Baig saab until the talk. Had breakfast even and then bumped into Shivlal for the pic.
Everone was keenly watching the Hyderabad U-19 match for the Cooch Behar where the was again looking at relegation to Plate level. Embarassing stuff!
Shiv looked embarassed at the Ranji performance. 'I dont know where to hide.' he said. 'The Ranji team has been relegated to Plate.'
It can only get better I said, now you've hit the bottom. There seemed to be some solace in that for all concerned around, including Chalapathi.
I remember I used the same words in the concluding speech at Gap Miners as well in the evening. I spoke about how the year had been difficult, how we had no commensurate result, how we can make things happen, how each should take more ownership, how we can make ten people experience the site, how we can put up our stickers on our cars instead of hiding them, well there was some rustling, lots of resistance but yes, some movement I hope. I put up the sticker on my car and did my bit. There was no movement to give me any extra stickers, bookmarks.
Gap Miners, you will be my biggest teacher by the end of it all!

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