Thursday, December 17, 2009

Monisha Wasu, Die-hard Naturopath, Sujok, Chakra Healer

I met the energetic, ever-smiling Monisha Wasu before my health issue cropped up and found her very interesting and passionate about what she believes in, which is naturopathy mainly. She herself had a health problem where she was pretty much written off by the allopaths when she was in the US a few years ago but she used naturopathy on herself and her very strong mind and will to cure herself completely - and after that she has sworn off drugs. Her range of naturopathy cures is simple and very effective and I feel with an accurate diagnosis, she can do wonders. Regular stuff like colds, fevers and other things go away with her concoctions and she always takes up any challenge with the fullest confidence. I do think one should meet the naturopaths for the common cures, use it to build the general constitution and stay with it. Not use it like some quick emergency cure beause it is not. Naturopathy is serious business, not a pill popping exercise.
When I first met her with the swollen foot, she treated the swollen foot and I cannot blame her because some top class doctors also treated me for the symptoms until the nephro guys caught on with the syndrome. But I remember that she tried on her own, despite the ECG etc being clear, to find a spot in my hand, the sujok way, in an attempt to see any impending heart trouble - swollen feet certainly an indication to the heart I should think. Once she cottoned on to the kidney, she got the kidney point on my hand and pressed it with that small plastic thing she has and I did all but faint. I did have a case of all things blurring out as she pressed the point, losing focus and lying down and going dizzy - but just about held myself from passing out fully. Those points she presses are potent and I am certain they work at healing the part we press. Why else would it hurt like that? Why else would I pass out almost?
All that she precribes is all natural stuff that you have in the kitchen normally, and it works for me. Her conviction and enthusiasm is very infectious. The other day she gave me some new contraptions to press at some points to flush out toxins to help heal faster, I am doing that. Press the fleshy part of my palm near the thumb where it hurts like crazy. Apparently it flushes out something that's blocked there. Try this sujok guys, its pretty simple, but its painful as well.
Another bonus of visiting the naturopath is that I enjoy talking to her son Simran who is a young healer himself and very mature young chap for someone who is only in his 9th class. Also a sportsman to boot, a budding basketball player in the Meridian school.
Thanks Monisha, for all the unrelenting support during this phase, its always a pleasure to meet you and visit you and come away with a nice, charged up feeling and some pain ofcourse after that torture you give us by pressing those points. But what the hell, no pain, no gain!

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