Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Homeo route - Dr. Guravaiah

We took the early morning flight to Tirupati, Harsha and I, on January 15, 2009. He had a car pick us up at the airport (quietly efficient as always) and we stopped by at a hotel for a couple of hours as we freshened up. I was still reeling under self-pity so I merely ate an apple and made a big show of eating an idli with no chutney and sambar. Me, the adult nephrotic syndrome affected! The dramas we do.
At about 1030 am we turned around the corner and went and met Dr. Guravaiah. He just walked in casually, tall, smiling and very reassuring. Could not be more than 50, looked 40 and had a boyish smile and charm. Something about him made me warm up to him instantly. We were led into his small homeo clinic at 132, TP Area, Tirupati, that goes under the name of Dr. Boenninghausen Computerised Homeo Hospital and sat in a small, rather cramped clinic. The walls had large photographs of Lord Balaji, his parents and a few other pictures and a state of the art desktop that had an amazing homeo program with symptoms, cures, combinations and what not. It was amazing to see him use that to get to the drug.
After his prayers, he smiled and asked me what the problem was. I showed him the reports and told him the story. He examined the reports and looked at me and smiled again. He asked me several questions about my preferences, my tastes, my nature and wrote them down in a file.
'Nothing,' he said. 'Don't worry. We will take care of this. Don't need the biopsy.' I told him my previous experience with homeo and he nodded. 'It works,' he said.
'I will start you on some basic drug. Sometimes those work instantly. Then we will see. The main thing is not to feel you are a patient. Though you need to take these diet restrictions seriously and keep your BP etc in check, its important to feel and be like a normal person because the mind can work havoc. I have treated several complicated cases and have seen wonderful results so I see no reason why you should not stage a full recovery soon. Just be normal, exercise a bit and you will be fine. We can meet once in a month since I come to Hyderabad every second Sunday, or you can come here. Else call.'
The way he said it, I was elated. After all those doomsday predictions this was incredibly good news. I took the medicine he gave, thanked him and left with Harsha, a much more happier man.
Dr. Guravaiah, I came to know him much closer, was a much deeper, sensitive, philosophical, caring soul than what he appears. He believes in healing and in treating those who need healing when all else seem to be closed. He has tremendous faith in his ability to cure, 'sitting here under Lord Balaji's photo, I feel that he is guiding me in healing. I am only his medium,' he says.
He studied in Tirupati and got a government job. He worked in the job for several years before he decided to move on to heal more people. 'It looked like a bad decision to everyone, to leave a government job when I had a young family to support, but I was clear,' he said. 'If I had to heal more people I needed a clinic. So I set up a clinic and for several years I did not make enough money. But I kept going because I believed in this. I would almost do free service, charging only those who could afford. There was one figure in my mind though, which was the target income that to me, made sense that I have succeeded. I achieved it after about five years and that day I was so happy.'
'Somewhere, things changed, money started come, fame, people started calling me to Delhi, Mumbai and even abroad, sending me flight tickets, five star hotel bookings to heal their near and dear. But my basic commitment remains to heal the needy. Now I am TTD consultant and go every Thursday to Tirumala.I have plans of a hospital so the poor can get this cheap and no side effect medicine.'
'India needs homeopathy,' he says emphatically. 'It's cheap and can reach out and cure several common ailments quickly. There are so many who can benefit.'
I came away from him feeling very relieved. I decided that I will use this as the main healing and support it with allopathy for my BP. I will keep a check on the readings and see where they are heading. For the time being the kidney looks fine and with these diet restrictions and medicine, I might cut the protein loss.
I needed to keep a clear head and stick to my plan. In my mind I told myself 'Whatever I use, will only heal me. All these wonderful people will only heal me.'
In my experience, homeo has worked for me. From my adenoids which completely disappeared in two weeks, to common colds (wonderful medicine), coughs, fevers, headaches, migraines, and several others, it offered almost immediate relief. In some cases like migraine, it offers slow yet sure cure. Homeopathy has that quality of slow but sure build up of the body constitution as well, so any chronic problem can be addressed on a long term basis. I'd go for it because it has apparently no side effects and the results are most often there. In complicated cases, it is always best to go with the proper diagnostic reports because then they can pinpoint their diagnosis and drug. Else they are a bit in the dark and the treatment may not be as effective. And the best thing is that you can continue allopathy as well because they operate differently.
I met a lady who had cancer in April 2009. Her doctors gave her the surgery route and she refused. They told her she would not live beyond three months. She told them to go to hell and started off on homeopathy. Her family and friends thought she was crazy. 'I isolated myself from all those who would criticise me or break my spirit and surrounded myself with only things and people that supported me.
'On the last day of the third month I lay awake waiting to die. Nothing happened,' she said. 'I was petrified though.'
Its been four years since, she said, and look at me, can you believe that I am a cancer patient. She most certainly did not look like a cancer patient. She did pretty much all the stuff that we did in that workshop (which was very physical). She spoke loud and clear and was very articulate, in fact she seemed more alive than most of us there.
Case for homeo there.

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