Monday, October 17, 2022

The Pune - Hyderabad Shatabdi After a Long Time

 The Shatabdi had become our preferred mode of travel when the Pune-Hyd highway was being developed - almost for a decade - and then we started to drive again. But then came the pandemic and the trains stopped and so did the Shatabdi, my fav train right now. It has now come with a new attraction - the Vistadome which I was keen to try.

So when I had to go on a quick trip to Pune last weekend I booked myself on the Shatabdi and traveleld to Pune in the Vistadome and from Pune in the first class. Enjoyed both journeys and got two books done along the way - Tender is the Night and Communication Strategy.

Hyderabad to Pune 


And Pune to Hyd

Good fun!

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