Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Talk at Brightcom

 Suresh invited me to talk to freshers looking to join the company - a sort of a motivational talk which puts out the perspective that we are here to achieve our potential and do great things and not merely do jobs to sustain ourselves. It was to be a short 15-20 minute talk and there were some 35-40 of young aspirants out there.

I started as always with the suggestion that they should watch Simon Sinek's TED talk 'Start with why'. I also told them that it should be a  tip for them - whenever they are to make a speech or write an article - do it in the Sinek way - the why, the how and the what. I quickly explained to them that we are must start with why, then figure the how and then the what. 

The why I said goes deeper than merely doing the job, earning money or whatever - it goes down to why we are living, what our purpose is and how big it can get. To start with I told them to have a vision that they will be part of a winning team and make a big impact towards that. I told them to write down their vision for themselves, for their careers, so they can commit to it.

The how I said would be - how to achieve their potential. Here I suggested that they understand the concept of Fixed and Learning Mindsets and adopt the learning mindset. Where the fixed mindset believes that intelligence is fixed, the learning mindset believes that anything can be learned and grown with practice. All one needs is the right process orientation, right teachers, hard work and a  good monitoring mechanism and in 30 days to 6 months they will be completely different people.

The what I said was about what we would like them to be - leaders. As in how they influence people by the way they lead their lives. I told them to take themselves more seriously and adopt three practices that would not only make them better leaders and better people but also improves their self confidence. The 3As of - Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Asking for Help. I told them to practice these principles and they are well on their way to succeed in their lives.

Shreedhar was there to introduce me and it was a pleasure to meet him and Tajuddin, Asma, Reema and others. Its been a long while since I have been to the office and I enjoyed going there and sharing some thoughts. By the end of the talk the young aspirants started interacting some more and there was good energy in the room. I enjoyed the morning thoroughly. Thanks Suresh and Shreedhar and the Brightcom team for having me over.        


Unknown said...

Thanks sir for your valuable time spending with us. We are really for your presence 🙏

Anonymous said...

Thanks sir for your valuable time spending with us. We are really for your presence 🙏


Prasad said...

Great motivation message to the Gen Z and ofcourse applicable to all. Why? How? and What? are powerful ways to self explore and get direction.