Friday, August 12, 2022

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

 I needed to get this off my list so I got myself a copy. Niezsche's work is considered one of his best and he has his Prophet Zarathustra coming down from the hills and telling his followers his ideas about the world. He believes that man is living below his potential and that a superman lives within us and our job is to sacrifice ourselves to bring the superman into existence.

One line stayed - that we do not enjoy life enough. I agree. We're too worried about dying that we do nto live enough. Anyway in many discourses he speaks of joys, passions, reading and writing, chatity, friends, neighbour-love, old and young women, child and marriage, voluntary death, priests, the virtuous, poets, the higher man and so on and so on. He speaks from the sense of a common man and 'overturns many precepts of Christian morality'.

Written in a style that was not very easy to comprehend but one can sense is full of deep thought. Knocked it off the list and that's about it.


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