Friday, August 12, 2022

Shyam Singha Roy - Movie

 Many people recommended this so I watched it. An aspiring film director is making a short film to showcase his talent. It's fun and games as he shows great diligence in getting the right cast etc and finds the perfect heroine for his short film. However during the making of the short film he gets whacked on his head and that provokes certain sleeping thoughts in his subconscious with not nice results - for instance he calls his girl friend just when they are about to sleep by another woman's name, putting an end to that relationship.

That's still pretty small considering that he is jailed for plagiarism and he finds a lawyer who fights a losing battle - the publisher of the original work has a copy of the book written by Shyam Singha Roy (terrible background score that yells SSR all the time). Word to word he has copied and I am happy the opponent lawyer did not ask for death by hanging the way they were going. But in a twist they find that SSR's story fifty years ago is relevant. But who will believe this story?

Here and there it goes until it is finally resolved neatly - with clinching proof that this young director is indeed possessed by SSR or is SSR himself. Some questions arose of course - if SSR had to write his story again, why would he write this same story again? Why not a new story? Why write same stories that have been written fifty years ago? Then, if he can remember certain parts of his life word by word I am sure there must be other stuff he can do as well - but SSR sticks mainly to rewriting his story and in the end meeting his wife Rosie (who was a devdasi whom he had rescued causing much heartburn in the local masses including his murderous family). Actually come to think of it, SSR himself cops a couple of fellows and his two older brothers cop him. Jail for plagiarism?

Anyway, not to ask stupid questions and enjoy the movie. Nani makes it all believable and its only when we have more time on our hands do we come up with questions like this. But those apart - the wailing behind of Shyam Singha Roy - like he is a Singham did not make sense nor was it pleasing to hear. 


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