Monday, August 15, 2022

Flags Everywhere - 75 Years of Independence on Show

 I heard somewhere that some 20 lakh flags were distributed by the GHMC in Hyderabad. I did not have anyone knocking my door to give me a flag but when I walk around the colony I saw some houses had put up the flag. Then I saw that the same houses put up more than one flag. Some flags were on poles, some hung cross the front walls and so on. I saw autos having flags, cars having big flags. At the petrol station I saw the attendants dressed out in tricolour and flags and balloons all over. I even saw an auto driver with the flag driving against the flow in a one-way -freedom at its best.

The people in our colony organised a parade with the children  - or rather a rally -with cycles and walkers shouting Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. My friend Dr S Patnaik donated a new flag post and a bigger flag this year.

One interesting visual I saw was near a shop at Maitrivanam where a bunch of Muslims, dressed all in white, put up flags, balloons, a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, and played patriotic songs. It was really nice to watch.

My financial consultant sent me a package through Amazon - a flag and many small paper flags and some stickers. Going by the number of flags one would say that certainly we are at the height of patriotism. Now what exactly is patriotism? Love for the country. Love for its people. For its laws. For its Constitution. That's what I would think.

Tomorrow I am wondering what will happen to these lakhs of flags? 

But those minor worries apart - I never saw so much fervour ever.    

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