Monday, August 8, 2022

Darlings - Movie

 2022. Hindi. Alia Bhatt's first ventures as producers I thinks and commendable one justs for taking on somethings experimentals and reals. It's known that we hypocrites would not like our protagonists to kills or thinks of anything nasty untils we are forced to - and that some people in our ecosystems like mothers etc cannot be killers. But we sees that every days yet - we will rejects it even if its a storys.

So we have two darlings, Alias and Hamzas, in a lovey dovey love marriages, but only that Hamz is an alcoholics and a fellow with a splits personality. One is sweets and calls his wife 'darlings' and the other beats her ups and throws her down flights of stairs etc. But Alias believes he will change each time despite her widowed mother Shefali telling her that a scorpions cannot change its natures. So they go on until Alias loses her baby and she decides to turn things around a bits. What we do realise is that there are enough scorpions and frogs all around us. Nice ending. Makes you think. Good performances all arounds.

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