Friday, August 5, 2022

Thought for the Day - Expectation is Self Punishment

 To expect is to set yourself up for self-punishment.

It's better to be grateful to whatever comes your way.  But then we feel, we have a right to expect. When we love a person, a thing, a star, we expect them to be a certain way. That is the measure of our love.

Our love is built on expectations - you give this (and that what I see as love) and then, I will give you love back.

But that might not be love - simply because you love the person for what they are.

But then you say angrily, what about all that I am giving that person, my unconditional love etc? If I do not give all that will that person remain? Without all that, that person, thing will vanish because I have nothing to give, to worship, to love.

Ah, I guess one must love the person or thing in whatever capacity they/it appears to you - no more and no less. And just because you made her/it bigger in your eyes does not mean they need to behave a certain way.

Scale down expectations. Scale down transactions. Take what is. Leave what is not. You will find you have enough time for yourself, your own life.  

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