Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Anjali - An Interview with Niveditha Indrajit

 Niveditha and Anjali in a freewheeling interview. Niveditha began as Anjali's art teacher, grew her from merely painting to exploring several aspects of her artist's side, expanded Anjali's mind (and ours) when she proposed an exhibition (we had to scale down from the Marriott to our home but it was fun and not just one, we had two exhibitions), and further on to explore herself as a person and how to look at life with different perspectives, taught her all she knew about dogs and how to care for them and in the process built on Anjali's great love for dogs and animals, and slowly morphed into her mentor, guide, friend and laughter companion. So it was no surprise that they did an interview and here it is.

  Good one Niveditha and Anjali. I enjoyed watching it. 


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed it too !

I’ve been a fairly regular reader of this blog, so over the years have also seen Anjali grow from a curious, wonderstruck little girl….to one astute in her thoughts and ideas of life. And must admit that the piece on existentialism, which was also touched upon in the interview, pretty much blew me.

I read in awe this thirteen year old girl not just get the complex characters and thoughts of the likes of nietzsche and camus, but also talk profoundly about purpose and meaning.
What struck me today is how what I’d seen second hand, come alive with these two pretty women in conversation. It was simply beautiful.

Way to go both of you…and may you keep the beauty in what you do going !!

Harimohan said...

Wow. Thanks Anon. That's very nice of you. I am sure Anjali and Niveditha will be so happy to read your comment and know your thoughts. Really glad that you wrote in. Thanks :)