Monday, August 15, 2022

Thought for the Day - When Things are Uncomfortable, You Need to Answer the Right Question

 There are times when we leave a conversation or whatever dissatisfied, uncomfortable. Something does not seem to fit. It's a gray area. If we leave it like that, it does not resolve itself.

Normally we tend to make some conclusions and leave them at that.

But the gray area is about a question not answered. It could be a subtle thing that you are seeing differently. What happens is that one of you concludes that this is the right answer and both reluctantly agree. It might fit one person's scheme of things but it does not fit the others. There is discomfort. We leave with a conclusion that is not satisfactory.

 It upsets us.

That's when we need to be honest and figure what's the right question? What's the unanswered question? Being honest is that - find that gap in that space and address any dishonesty that does not add up. There will be one question that will make it come to light? That will make things light. Find that question and stay with it without trying to quickly conclude.

You will find out the gap and you can address it. Once you find it, the heaviness lifts. It becomes easy and light.

Find that question and address the gray area. You will get over the discomfort. In fact you will get over most discomforts in life if you stay with the quest to fill the gaps with the right answers (not the convenient answers)   

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